“I’m Your Venus”

venus“I’m Your Venus” by Diane Vallere is the second intergalactic adventure in the “Sylvia Stryker Space Case” series. It is not necessary to have read the previous book to enjoy this one, but the series is fun and quick to read, so new readers might want to pick up first book as well.

The story is told as a first person narrative by Lieutenant second class Sylvia Stryker, and she shares her reminisces of the previous book to fill things in for new readers as well as her thoughts, observations, hopes, and anxieties about the current trip, the current crew, and life in general. Lt. Stryker is an employee of Moon Unit Corporation, a giant in the tourist industry taking advantage of that sense of adventure to send its customers to the far reaches of the galaxy on journeys of exploration and vacation. Her job is uniforms, and she plans an uneventful trip.

The company struggled after the unfortunate occurrences on the previous Moon Unit excursion. This trip on Moon Unit 6, the latest and most advanced spaceship in the company’s fleet, was heralded with an intense public relations campaign and a sweepstakes that promised the winners “the adventure of a lifetime.” The ship is docked, and the winners and their families are gathered by the boarding station. Thus, the customers, the contest winners, and the readers are ready to embark on a trip to Venus. Stryker is hard at work in the in Uniform ward.

“I’m an expert on all things uniform. The biggest problem I plan to deal with is keeping the crew in clean uniforms. Maybe somebody will spill something and challenge me with a stain. Other than that, I’m just a girl looking for a free trip to Venus.”

Of course, things go wrong right from the start. The noise of the parting celebration on the observation deck is drowned out by an explosion on the docking deck below. The routine yet potentially perilous trip to Venus begins with a bang.

This is a relaxed, cozy book with some trauma, a little drama, and some romance. All the cute and not so cute creatures make appearances, and of course, the evil Martians are thrown in because they are just everywhere. The characters have universal appeal in a familiar, crazy, mixed-up, outer space way but with glitter.

I received a copy of “I’m Your Venus” from Diane Vallere and Polyester Press. It is entertaining book with some mystery but no headache-inducing stress. We know more adventures are yet to come. After all, don’t we all need sparkles on our skin sometimes

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