“Tear Me Apart”

tear“Tear Me Apart” by J. T. Ellison starts with a medical crisis; Mindy Wright has a potentially career-ending crash that threatens her future as an Olympian and a professional skier. However, the trauma does not end there. During surgery to save her life, doctors discover an aggressive form of leukemia, and only a stem cell transplant can save her life. The family immediately prepares for the life-saving procedure, but yet complication emerges; they are not a match. It appears that Mindy is not their biological daughter. How can this be? The past holds deep secrets, and how far will a mother go to protect her child? As far as it takes, Lauren Wright will let nothing stand in the way of saving her daughter.

The characters are well developed, compelling, and not always truthful. The story is told in sections from different points of view, and each interpretation contributes to the complex story as readers follow the uncovering of years of secrets and lies.

The gripping story unfolds layer by layer as the family’s world unravels around them. This is a personal drama, full of tension, and one that will keep readers engaged right up to the end. It addresses family devotion and childhood illness, as well as the difficult topics of mental illness and missing children.

I was given a review copy of “Tear Me Apart” by J. T. Ellison, Harlequin, and NetGalley. It is a convincing story filled with family problems, and not all the twists have obvious resolutions. I found the book riveting and captivating. It was a bit long, but it was well worth the time it took to read. Readers should not skip the author’s note at the end of the book.