“Boise Longpig Hunting Club”

boise“Boise Longpig Hunting Club” by Nick Kolakowski opens ominously, “We came home from the movies to find our front door kicked open, both floors ransacked, half the food in the fridge missing.”

This sets the tone. The narrative continues as a first person account by Jake, an Iraqi veteran haunted by his past. Readers quickly learn where he lives, whom he knows, and what he does.

“I’m a bounty hunter. People have an image of bounty hunters as Old West cowboys who kick down doors, guns ready, and pop anyone who draws down on them. As with most jobs, the reality is a lot more boring.”

Boise has an abundance of fishing and hunting, so with cleaned trout in a cooler in the back of his vehicle, Jake has and an overpowering urge to fire up the grill, pop a beer, and settle on his porch chair in time for sunset. Despite being one of the safest cities in America, justice does not come easy in Boise. The area abounds with backwoods interchanges and underhanded negotiations. There is also a shadowy side where the dark-net is used to exchange Bitcoin for pretty much anything illegal. Jake’s life as a bounty hunter walking the tightrope between law and criminal, becomes complicated when he finds something in the backyard.

“When I reached the fence, I flicked the grass away with my heel, revealing a silver pendant necklace clotted with mud. I picked it up, winding the chain around my right thumb. The pendant was shaped like a heart, with two letters engraved on its front: RJ.”

The past comes screaming back to complicate the present and sends Jake, his sister Frankie, and his ex-wife Janine into a downward spiral of treachery, violence, and deceit. “If we live through this, we can Google whether any rich people have died in Idaho hunting accidents over the past couple years.”

Vivid descriptions add to the suspense and tension as they race for their lives.

“A white plume of death rocketed across the quarry and impacted the rear of the truck, lifting it into the air on a pillar of flame, the doors blasting open. “

I was given a copy of “Boise Longpig Hunting Club by Nick Kolakowski, and Down & Out Books. It is a wild ride with twists, turns, anguish, and almost headache-inducing stress. Readers should note that the book contains significant violence and has a plot component that some may find unsettling. That notwithstanding, the action is non-stop, and  I found it hard to put down once the drama started.