“The Getaway List”

getaway “The Getaway List” is the third book in the “Cam & Bricks Job” series by Eric Beetner and Frank Zafiro, but this book certainly stands by itself. I had no trouble following the action even though I have not (yet) read the two previous books. This is a first person narrative from alternating points of view of Cam and Bricks with each chapter is conveniently labeled.

Bricks’ opening conversation at once sets the tone and defines the relationship. The two are lost, or not, depending on whom you believe. Their personalities are clear right from the start. Throughout the book they talk to themselves; they talk to the reader; they talk to themselves about talking to themselves. Sometimes they talk but no one is listening except   the reader.

Each character is a complex and well developed character. Bricks is an adventurer, the one who fights for the downtrodden. She is not always a planner. “The problem was, I had no plan. But you have to calm down and let me work. All right?” And, Cam knows her strengths and weaknesses. “My mind was racing. Neither one of us spoke, each caught up in an internal dialogue. I could only guess what Bricks was saying to herself. “

Camron is the analyzer, the personal thinker; the observer of geography, atmosphere, sights, sounds, and smells. He is the planer, the one who looks ahead. However, as far as Camron is concerned, he can never get a break, not even with drinks.

“Get you a drink?” “Beer,” Bricks said. “Whatever’s on tap and not light.” I guess that was her way of telling me I was driving the next leg of our journey out west. “I’ll have a Coke, I guess.” “We got Pepsi.” “Of course you do.”

They are both different but unwaveringly loyal, and when the shooting starts, they are “in sync like Olympic swimmers.” “And someone’s gotta pull a trigger for money.” “It’s the family business.”

There they are in small town America, welcome to Ashton, Washington, established 1884, and population 4873. The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. The calendar might say today, but atmosphere still said 1884. There are many things to love about the country, dirt roads, dark starry nights, shotguns, car chases, an anti-government hillbilly family, and a city slicker hit squad in the middle. However, one just never knows what else will happen in the backwoods; lots of good old boys and girls with lots of guns, doing lots of drinking and lots of shooting, mean lots of bodies. This is a mash-up of old west “Have Gun Will Travel”  “Justified” and “The Dukes of Hazard.” The only thing missing is zombies.

“The Getaway List” about the personalities not just about the action. I received a review copy of “The Getaway List” from Eric Beetner, Frank Zafiro, Down & Out Books, and Net Galley. I loved the sarcastic humor, self-deprecating jokes, and general #@$% the world if you don’t like it attitudes. I had not read the two previous books, and I had no trouble at all laughing my way through this one. “And it ends.”