“Hollywood Ending”

hollywood“Hollywood Ending” by Kellye Garrett is written as a first person narrative by Dayna Anderson aspiring actor and up-and-coming private investigator. Readers get to know her well in the first few pages.

“You’d probably cast me in a group of black friends getting together for a fun vacation movie. I’d play the cute, annoyingly sweet girl currently dating the object of the main character’s affections.”

The story starts with a series of encounters that explain what she is doing. “I’m here for the freaking reward money from the LAPD. I’m not a snitch and I’m not an actor. I’m a private investigator.” Of course, an apprentice former cop turned-investigator Aubrey S. Adams-Parker apprentice, but an investigator nonetheless. She was serious about becoming an investigator and was anxious to work her way up in the profession. Of course, needing money, she checks the LAPD Crime Stoppers tip line page for new cases. If there was a reward, she had a case.

The tone of Dayna’s narrative is irreverent and casual, and it reflects her devil may care attitude. Underneath that superficial public persona is someone who really cares about her friends.

Every page is filled with Hollywood geography, people characters, and attitude. The paparazzi, social media, and “show biz” are shown at their best and worst. Only in a book about Hollywood, would there be a red-carpet celebrity tour bus and swag bags as clues.

I received a copy of “Hollywood Ending” from Kellye Garrett, Midnight Ink and NetGalley. I know show business has a sordid side, but it can also be hysterically funny. The pace is quick, and there is never a dull moment with Dayna Anderson on the case. Sometimes one just needs a book with laughs to go along with the crime and murder.