“Hunting Charles Manson”

manson“Nearly half a century after the murders that made him infamous, Charles Manson is still everywhere, woven into the fabric of our culture”

So much material about Charles Mansion has been produced over the past fifty years that the public suffers from information overload. People think they have read, heard, seen everything there is to know about the cult leader and murderer.

“Hunting Charles Manson” by Caitlin Rother and Lis Wiehl is different, very different.

Much in pop culture, tabloid and conventional news, is superficial and incomplete, the same old story repackaged for a bloodthirsty audience. The deeper story of Charles Mansion is much more frightening.

“Hunting Charles Manson” takes an in-depth look at the villain in the context of both the past and the present. It explores what previous books have missed by giving a global view of the person, the crimes, the pursuit, and the wreckage he left in his wake, including the emotional toll on all those who encountered him or his followers.

The book is loosely organized in a chronological sequence, starting early and laying the foundation for the horror that is to come. The participants and how they changed along the way are chronicled through information was not publically known at the time of the original tragedies. The failings of law enforcement, the failings of family, and the failings of society are revealed.

Rother and Wiehl explore the paths that brought people together and the unintentional, unimportant, or otherwise trivial acts that had disastrous consequences. The authors bring into shocking focus the unexpected tragedies that occurred as the result of unplanned encounters and causal meetings.

“Hunting Charles Manson” book is both unsettling and compelling to read. It reveals with terrifying clarity how drugs, lack of self-esteem, and the power of suggestion can give rise to terror, murder, and unspeakable horror. Read , be afraid, and learn.