“Numbered Account”


“Numbered Account” is Christopher Reich’s inaugural book. Nick Neumann is a new employee of United Swiss Bank. His job?

“Most of our clients are individuals who have numbered accounts with the bank…Now more than ever we have to keep our mouths shut and do as we are told.”

Politics could not and did not factor into his business decisions.

Nick had his own agenda as well. His father had worked for United Swiss Bank before being brutally murdered. Nick was determined to find out who killed his father and why, no matter how long it took or what secrets he unearthed. On the resulting journey, he encountered drug smuggling, international terrorism, weapons deals, financial improprieties, and astonishing secrets from the present and the past. Oh yes, and murder.

The story is mostly written from Nick’s point of view, his thoughts, fears, plans, and regrets, his search for answers and plans for revenge. Readers come to know him well, very well. Bank personnel and outside characters are introduced one by one, as they interact with Nick, and several are featured in alternating chapters as the plot progresses.

Reich pays exacting attention to details in the banking world including financial transactions, complex banking laws, and volatile international dealings. The overall pace is slow but steady, and the action is compelling. The book is long, but the length enhances the depth of the plot and illustrates the complexity of banking.

I met Christopher Reich at a signing event for his newest book, “The Take.” (Previously reviewed on Looks at Books) He mentioned his background working for a Swiss bank and his book “Numbered Account.” This was good for a first book, and certainly met my expectations. I am glad I went back to see how he started.