“The Vanquished”

vanquished“The Vanquished” by David Putnam is book four in the Bruno Johnson series. Although it is helpful to have read the previous books, it is not necessary. A new reader can catch up with past happenings through the quick background comments in the context of the storyline.

Bruno Johnston is an ex-cop with a troubled background and plenty of enemies. He strives to do the right thing, and yet he is confronted on all sides with difficult choices. He just seems to attract problems. Past adversaries, everyone from the FBI to an outlaw motorcycle gang, are relentlessly pursuing him, out for vengeance. Of course, they also want his help first.

Putnam’s descriptive style brings this action packed police procedure to life. The characters are well developed, and the twists and turns keep readers frantically turning the pages. Family plays an important part in the dynamic narrative, but it is not a syrupy story. This is a roller coaster ride with well-written conflicts and surprises. Just when things seem to be under control, another treacherous bombshell hits.

I received a copy of “The Vanquished” from David Putnam  and Oceanview Publishing. The book has a violent component, so is not for the faint of heart, but it is compelling and keeps readers engaged right from the start.