“Unloaded 2”

unloaded2“Unloaded 2” is the second volume of short stories, humorous, horrifying, and all entertaining. Eric Beetner has assembled this collection  with all the crime and suspense mystery readers have come to expect, animals, invalids, neighbors, and magic, however, the tragedy, murder, and mayhem all happen without  guns.

The tales are scary, thought provoking, questioning, and downright creepy. If you are not afraid of  farmland, rivers, zoo animals, everything Vegas, your neighbors, your relatives, and Christmas, you will be by the time you are finished reading.

The advantage of an anthology such as “Unloaded 2” is that I can finish an entire story in one sitting, while waiting for an appointment, or when I just need a quick break from the stress of the day. Be advised however, just like “Unloaded Volume 1,” these are not cute little “feel-good” stories; they compelling and scary. Once you start one, you will not be able to stop until you are finished. It is a good thing they are short.

I received a copy of “Unloaded” (volume 2) from Down and Out Books, Eric Beetner, and NetGalley. I love these collections, and I hope there will be more.