“The Corpse at the Crystal Palace”

Corpse“The Corpse at the Crystal Palace” by Carola Dunn is the 23rd book in the Daisy Dalrymple series; it does not seem possible, but it is. I have not read all twenty-three books, but a reader does not have to have read them to enjoy this one. It is entertaining to read about Daisy, her family, and her friends from close by and far away, and new readers are bound to become “addicted” to Daisy and go back to read the previous books .

Readers now find Daisy in April 1928, in London with her young cousins. The group plans an outing to visit the Crystal Palace. Of course, this is a mystery after all, so something goes wrong. The nanny does not return from the restroom, and when Daisy goes to look for her, she does not find the nanny but does find the body of another woman dressed in a nanny’s uniform.

Daisy is a pleasant and enjoyable character, and the supporting cast adds dimension and entertainment. There is a mystery to keep readers engaged but without nail-biting drama or blood and guts everywhere. Little historical references help develop a strong sense of place and add dimension to the character-driven story.

I received a copy of “The Corpse at the Crystal Palace” from Carola Dunn, St Martin’s Press, and NetGalley. I loved reading this fun, casual, but mysterious book. It was a quick, enjoyable book, and a perfect pause from reading thrillers.