righteous“Righteous” by Joe Ide, is the second book in his “IQ” series. The main characters from the previous book continue, but those who have not read the previous books can jump right in without any problem. Quick background comments in the context of the storyline provide a new reader with any needed information.

Isaiah Quintabe built a successful career as a Private Investigator and all around problem-solver in Long Beach and the surrounding area. The one case he has not been able to solve is accidental death or perhaps murder of his brother, Marcus over ten years ago. He has not given up the hunt for answers. In the meantime, he ventures to Las Vegas with his friend Dodson to rescue the sister of one of Marcus’s friends. It is Vegas, so of course there are an abundance of loan sharks, Chinese gangsters, bandits, and general hoodlums.

Isaiah’s two stories run parallel throughout the book, and both come to surprising ends. The complex stories are driven by humor, wit, and excellent dialogue. The characters are vivid and complex. The action is harrowing and traumatic, filled with treachery and surprises.

I listened to the audio book with narration by Sullivan Jones who did a fantastic job with the multitude of intricate characters, (male and female) unusual idioms, and intricate descriptions. His style was reliable, and he presented each character in a unique, consistent, identifiable voice. I had previously read the print book, but Jones’s exceptional narration made this audio book exceptional.