“Room to Dream”

room to dream“Room to Dream” by David Lynch and Kristine McKenna is structured as a conversation about his life with the reader. This book is a storyteller at his best, recalling the stories of his life, the events that made him the complex person that he is. Readers want to know every detail. He pulls us into his life as he pulls us into his movies, and his stories, like his movies, are full of enlightenment cloaked in dark humor.

Lynch grew up in a small town, and with the usual middle-class experiences. He was an Eagle Scout, had supportive parents, and experienced a degree of freedom unimaginable today. Despite this, his childhood memories are a mixture of darkness and light.

The book contains Lynch’s personal recollections as well as comments and memories from childhood friends, family members and friends. The language and narrative construction is casual and friendly as if sitting with friends reminiscing about old times. His remarkable descriptive style makes every day run of the mill experiences compelling and interesting, but there is always that dark undertone to his life stories as there is in his movies.

I received a copy of “Room to Dream” from David Lynch, Kristine McKenna, Random House, and NetGalley. The book is a collection of little personal stories rather than a litany of accomplishments. It also includes the background of society and news of the time to frame his recollections to put them in social context. Lynch’s friendly narrative style paints vivid pictures of everyday occurrences that put the reader right there beside him. I absolutely recommend this book.