“Tiny Crimes”

tiny crimes“Tiny Crimes” is an anthology of short, some very short, stories, but there is adventure and mystery in every one. The stories are all different, and there is something for every reader. This collection allows a fan to read and finish a compelling story all in one sitting. This collection is unique because the variety of the stories make for perfect reading on plane trips, car rides, and some can be even be finished while waiting on phone hold.

Some of my favorites involved the doctor seeing a patient with “Writer’s Scourge.” I will not soon forget the person living as the character would have lived, and died. I envy the one who decided, “I’ll work in a bookstore until they put me in the hospital.” I know more than I want to about the Chinese actuarial betting syndicate. And, I will always be careful if I do backstage work in the Opera House.

I received an advance copy of “Tiny Crimes” from Ingram Publisher Services, and I was able to finish the stories on my time schedule without interrupting my other plans or forgetting where I was in the book. I could read these stories again and again and love them each time.