“The Big Book of Hap and Leonard”

hap and leonard

“The Big Book of Hap and Leonard” is a special e-book collection that includes short stories and the text of a graphic novel by Joe Lansdale as well as comments, reminiscences, and an Interview of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. Fans might find the extra material almost more interesting than the stories.

Of course, the stars of the book are Hap and Leonard. In West Texas, Hap Collins, a white good old boy, Vietnam War draft-dodger, and Leonard Pine, a black, gay, Republican, Vietnam veteran seem a mismatched pair. Terrible things are happening, with even worse things to come, but it is still very funny. As always, they are rude, crude, and politically incorrect.

I received a copy of “The Big Book of Hap and Leonard” from Joe Lansdale, Tachyon Publications, Particle Books, and NetGalley. I recommend it for all Hap and Leonard fans. As you read, you might hate yourself for laughing, you might wish you had not laughed, but you are going to laugh. As Lansdale says, “This is more fun than rolling down a hill with a bunch of armadillos.”