“Murder Gone Missing”

murder“Murder Gone Missing” by Lida Sideris, is book two in the “Southern California Mystery” series, but a new reader can enjoy this book without having read the previous book. The author provides quick background comments in the context of the storyline to fill in anything needed from the previous book.

The first person narrative opens with simple night of Corrie Locke breaking into her mom’s house to borrow a few clothes. Then suddenly someone else, Michael, is there as well. Michael is tripping over trashcans and whining about a demotion at work, and oh yes, a dead body. Poor Michael, you just hate it when you try to quite a job, but someone has already killed your boss. Right away, you just know this is not going to go well.

The drama and hilarity continues from there. The plot is dialogue driven, and the dialogue is hilarious. Clues abound but how does one tell what is important and what is not?

“Find something that doesn’t fit. You mean like a size two pantsuit?”

Pursuit of the killer is  a slapstick comedy of errors. Who knew looking for a body in a closet could be so funny? Even the suspects are funny.

“Why is she a suspect?” Michael came around to face me. “She’s a complex math major with the capability of committing a complex crime. She’s probably ruthless, judgmental, has no practical skills, and refuses to use contractions.”

I received a copy of “Murder Gone Missing” from Lida Sideris, Level Best Books, and NetGalley. This is a quick book to read, and enjoyable every step of the way. But seriously, be careful; you might just laugh right out loud as you read.

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