“The Patriot’s Club

patriot“The Patriot’s Club” by Christopher Reich inserts United States history into a modern thriller. Thomas Bolden is kidnapped and assaulted after receiving an award for his philanthropic work. Bolden firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, and while he is wondering why this is happening, “they” know that sometimes the only way to get things done is to spill a little blood, and unfortunately, in this case it is Bolden’s.

Bolden’s life is upended by a terrorist group that has been around since 1776 dedicated to “the greater good.” He, it seems, is in the way and most likely a threat to the entire United States. He is determined to find out who is fabricating these threats to his very life. Everyone he encounters seems to have a secret past, and those “sins” of the past come screaming back creating chaos. .All the while, the enemy, in the name of duty and honor to the country, watches. They spy; they report; they wait, and they wait for him.

Reich takes readers on a thrill ride driven by conspiracy and underground power. The action is nonstop, taking place over just the few days before the January 20th inauguration of a new president. With each new page, a fresh clue is dropped. The conspiracy is omnipresent, and the ending is a series of shocking events.

The Patriot’s Club was first published in 2006, and though much has changed since then, much has not. It leaves one wondering what is the relationship between “Wall Street” and Washington, D.C.? and more importantly, what should it be?