“Fade To Black”

fade to black “Fade To Black” by David Rosenfelt is the second book in the Doug Brock series. A new reader can enjoy this book without having read the previous books. Contextual references throughout the book fill in relevant background without wasting pages rehashing old events.

The book is written as a first person account by Lieutenant Brock, Doug Brock who suffers from amnesia as the result of a past trauma. He is tired of telling his story, thinking about his story, and worrying about his story. He just wants to go back to living.

He thinks his recovery group is a way to waste time because nobody seems to be recovering; they just talk about not recovering and wanting to recover. Then he meets someone in his group, and things get complicated. He is asked to investigate a past case, one of his own that he cannot remember.

The narrative alternates between first person and third, and geographically between New Jersey and Vegas. He struggles to find a Vegas– New Jersey connection. Could there be some underground drug railroad?

This is a David Rosenfelt book, so of course humor still pops up as Brock struggles with his memory issues. There are the stereotype mob meetings, and of course, there is a dog. Bobo is an enormous dog who looks like a “refrigerator with hair” and must be “mixed with brontosaurus”

I received a copy of” Fade to Black” from David Rosenfelt, St. Martin’s Press, and NetGalley. It was an easy book to read with a nice balance of humor, tragedy, and trauma. Brock thinks his old self may be returning because rather than talking to people; he wants to punch them and shoot them. He just does not know who to punch and shoot. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the next book. A cop and a dog by Rosenfelt – it’s all good!