“The Last Equation of Isaac Severy”

equation“The Last Equation of Isaac Severy” by Nova Jacobs is about math and mystery,  and readers will love both the book AND the math. It is not a dissertation of mathematics theory, but instead an intriguing puzzle.

The Severy family is grieving over Isaac Severy’s sudden death. Hazel receives a letter, dated before his death, asking to deliver his final equation to a trusted colleague. She is confused, not knowing if the note and request are real or the disconnected thoughts of an unbalanced man. Hazel’s life just got more complicated.

The book was both a lighthearted mystery as well as a tale of  life, death, family, and the universe. The story is a little slow to start. Who would have thought that so many people would recite mathematical formulas at a funeral? There is also a rather large cast of characters to keep track of, but they are believable, complex, and flawed at the same time. They really drive the story.

The book is both a puzzle mystery and the tale of Isaac’s family. The mystery keeps readers turning pages, and the dysfunctional family adds “drama.”

I received a copy of “The Last Equation of Isaaac Severy “from Nova Jacobs, and Simon and Schuster. It was fun, easy to read, and thought provoking. It created a new theme in the “cozy” book category – mathematicians solving mysteries, and I can hardly wait for the next math mystery.