“19 Souls”

19 souls“19 Souls” is the first in J. D. Allen’s “Sin City Investigation” series, set in, where else, Las Vegas. Jim Bean is likeable, up-front, private investigator in Las Vegas. There certainly is a lot to investigate in “Sin City,” and there are many colorful characters along the way. The supporting cast is pleasant, contemporary, humorous, relevant, and somewhat flawed. All have interesting backgrounds, and even the “minor” players are well defined. It is easy to like them, and they help advance the story line. Of course this is a P.I. in Vegas, so there are hidden identities, damsels in distress, lost loves, and a not your typical serial killer serial killer.

The story is an interesting psychological game with several twists. Multiple points of view provide the reader with the perspective from both sides of the drama and help bring out all the unsavory details of the story and its participants. Although the pace is somewhat slow at times, the characters move the plot along, sometimes with a touch of humor.

I received a copy of “19 Souls” from J. D. Allen, Midnight Ink, and NetGalley. It is easy to read with satisfying action. Since this is the first in a series set in Las Vegas, I am sure that Jim will have many more interesting if not crazy and bizarre adventures to come. (It is Vegas after all!) I cannot wait.