“The Pajama Frame”

pajama frame“The Pajama Frame” is the latest installment in Diane Vallere’s Madison Night series. It is not necessary to have read the other books before enjoying this one; there are quick mentions of previous events, but they are within the context of the current happenings rather than gratuitous summaries of past books. New readers will have no trouble jumping right into this plot.

Madison Night, owner of a mid-century modern design business, finds herself with a bizarre inheritance, a long defunct pajama factory, complete with dust, dirt, plastic-wrapped vintage pajamas, and a tainted, even controversial history. She becomes entangled in a web of complications and contradictions. What is fact, what is rumor, and what about that dead body? There are questions at every turn.

“This isn’t about what you think it’s about.”

The book is written as Madison’s first person narrative as she tries to find answers and keep out of trouble.

 “I didn’t know how tonight was going to end, but I didn’t want to die without answers. I didn’t want to die, period.”

Madison grows in each book of Vallere’s Madison Night series. This is not a book with the same basic plot, and characters are just given new names. Madison is still a modern woman in ‘50s clothes, however, she is now forty-nine, her business is growing, and she struggles with her future. Her relationships mature and change as well, some in surprising ways.

 “I felt like pieces of myself were blowing away, like fuzz from a dandelion that gets caught in a gust of wind.”

I received a copy of “The Pajama Frame” from Diane Vallere, Henery Press, and NetGalley. An enjoyable mystery does not have to be dark, oppressive, or over stressful. If your brain needs a break from dramatic, traumatizing, shocking thrillers, but you still want a book with suspense and crime, “The Pajama Frame” is a perfect choice. Seriously, this is an entertaining book to read, but be careful, you might just laugh out loud as you read.