“The Take”

the take“The Take” by Christopher Reich is an international thriller that grabs readers from the start.

“Fifty-nine seconds. The robbery was carried out with precision and discipline, relying on surprise, speed, and brute force”

The take in the robbery was six hundred twenty-two thousand AND a calfskin briefcase, tan with leather handle. The money went to the team, but the briefcase; its contents were more valuable. And there it was, hidden inside, a document. Things had just gotten more complicated.

“With care he removed the paper inside and read the engraved header. Beneath it, in gold leaf, as a drawing of a structure he vaguely recognized.”

This document could upset the worldwide balance of power and irreparably change governments; a document with a value beyond imagination; a document that would go not to the originally intended recipient but to the highest bidder. Who would do anything to get that document? Who had the cash? The Russians? The Americans? The Saudis? Someone else?

Just what was that document anyway, and how could it be worth so much? Reich drops tantalizing little clues.

“He studied the address inscribed on the rear flap to make sure he was getting all this correctly. His skin turned to gooseflesh.”

The pace is frantic with pursuit taking place over six action-packed days. There is not a wasted word. Reich’s detailed descriptions and geography transport readers right into the scenes and give the book a dramatic sense of place amidst the chaos.

“The sky was cloudless. The Arc de Triomphe was a few blocks away in one direction. The River Seine in the other.”

The characters are complex and distinct with detailed backstories revealed little by little over the storyline. Multiple points of view bring out all the unsavory details of the participants and their involvement in the quest. Actions in the past have consequences that must be settled in the present. In the end, there are secrets, traumas and startling revelations that none of the players anticipated.

The international intrigue, uncertainty, and drama, make “The Take” a compelling book. Page after page is filled with suspense, action, and non-stop twists and turns. I absolutely could not put this book down.