“Hang Time”

Hang Time

“Hang Time” by S. W. Lauden is book three the Greg Salem series, but those who have not read the previous books can jump right in without any problem.Greg Salem is a complicated character. He is former cop, now turned PI. He has a family and an on again off again career as a rock musician. Mostly he has trouble juggling all this. Oh yes, he is haunted by the death of his younger brother, also a member of the band. To make matters worse, he gets a PI job right before the band’s big concert tour, and someone ends up dead in the dressing room. If it seems complicated, it is.

The book has the usual components: sex, drugs, rock and roll as well as backstabbing band members, cheating spouses, classic cars, self-centered rock stars money hungry promoters, and unscrupulous police. There is a lot going on each of these complicated plots.

I received a copy of “Hang Time” from S. W. Lauden, Rare Bird Books, and NetGalley. This is an intense story and the action is non-stop. It was a quick, fun, easy read. I recommend it to both music fans and those who just like a good mystery.

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