“The Deep Dark Descending”


“The Deep Dark Descending” by Allen Askens is a compelling story of personal conflict. This is homicide detective Max Rupert’s journey of revenge, vengeance, and redemption. His wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident, but he always believed it was murder.

The book covers three days, and starts coldly, graphically, and starkly with a glimpse of day three. But how did those people get there? The story is compelling, and the journey treacherous. The book goes backward to days one and two to show readers the day-to-day lives of the characters, what made them who they are, and how they got to day three.

“The Deep Dark Descending” is different from other books in many ways. Questions hang over the whole story. If someone kills the one you love, what would you do? A common exasperated exclamation is “The police had better find who killed my (wife-child-loved one) fast because if I find him first, I’ll kill him!”  However, when the time comes, when you look someone in the eye, could you actually do it? The answers are traumatic, disturbing, and unexpected.

The cover reflects the book exactly, and it one of my favorite covers.  It evokes the cold foreboding desolation of winter, shows the lonely path through the dead, frozen weeds, and there, in the center, is the ominous hole in the ice. Even the back cover has reflective snow if you hold in the light just right. This cover from Seventh Street Books is stark, mysterious, and compelling, and the book is as well.

“The Deep Dark Descending” should be on everyone’s must-read list.