“The Bomb Maker”

bomb maker“The Bomb Maker” by Thomas Perry brings readers into the shady world of a lawless bomb maker on a mission of destruction for money in Los Angeles. The story of this dark world is told in an interesting third person narrative so readers see the risky and dangerous events from all angles. Perry provides backstories and details to develop the main characters, and the natural dialogue between the players helps bring them to life. The story plays out between the mysterious bomb maker and Dick Stahl, former bomb disposal expert and trainer who hopes to catch the “bad guy” before there is more turmoil and destruction.

Perry tells an absorbing story.  The book opened with spellbinding action, slowed down a little in the middle, and ended cleverly. The technical information, designing and making bombs and their elaborate secondary components, was both fascinating and frightening. The “romance,” however seemed forced or even gratuitous. There was violence, people killed, but overall the story was captivating and readable.

I received a copy of “The Bomb Maker” from Thomas Perry, Mysterious Press, and NetGalley.  I learned WAY more than I wanted to know about the disturbing world of bomb making, but I enjoyed reading it none-the-less.