“Two Girls Down”

ywo girls“Two Girls Down” by Louisa Luna starts with bang. Jamie Brandt is not a bad mother, but perhaps not the best either.  She struggles with everyday life; stress and anxiety reign supreme.  She has trouble coping with anything and everything. She takes her two daughters shopping; letting them stay in the car and play does not seem like a bad idea to her, but when she returns to her car, the girls are gone. Bang!

Other players are slowly introduced, one by one. Max Caplan is an ex-husband, private investigator, disgraced cop, and dad. He spends his day chasing unfaithful spouses and people who run out on their debts, bails, or other obligations. Alice Vega is a girl who does handstands while she thinks. At thirty-three, she is too old to be called a girl, but she still feels like one. After a traumatic past, she now spends her time finding missing persons. She is unconventional, and secretive, but she has special skills, and she has her SOURCES.

The police are unable to make progress on finding the girls, so the family seeks outside help. Alice and Cap, two seemingly incompatible people, are drawn into the search for the missing Brandt girls. Cap and Alice are unconventional in their search methods to say the least.  What starts as a search for just two girls, morphs into something much more. Information is revealed that was previously secret. Events that seem to be unrelated are suddenly connected, but why?  People are connected in unexpected ways, but how are they connected to the Brandt girls? What about three other people who disappeared in the past few years? There are abundant questions, but no answers. Time is ticking away and the girls are still missing.

“Two Girls Down” gathers speed as the pages go by. This is a compelling tale, and I was  “on the edge of my seat” while I read. Unconventional  search and interrogation methods are used because, after all, Alice and Cap are not cops, and two girls are missing.

I received a copy of “Two Girls Down” from Double Day Books, NetGalley, and Louisa Luna for my impartial review. I loved the book, and recommend it to all fans of mysteries and thrillers.