“An Aegean April”

Agean April“An Aegean April” by Jeffrey Siger is number nine in the Andreas Kaldis series, but do not worry if you have not read all of the earlier ones, you will be able follow along with life in the Greek Isles without any difficulty.

This is a compelling Greek police procedure set within the current refugee crisis and efforts to help the exiles.  The book focuses on the search for accountability. The characters are complex and fascinating; their alternating narratives drive the story. The “bad guys” are identified early on, but the tale is compelling, and there is still plenty of ambiguity and deceit to uncover along the way.

Along the way, readers get a look at life and culture in modern Greece, including details of Greek life, politics, corruption, and holiday customs. The refugees and their impact on Greece are described with the clarity seldom found even in current news reports. Readers may well rethink the situation in Europe.

I received a copy of “An Aegean April” from Jeffrey Siger, Poisoned Pen Press, and NetGalley. I have read several of Seiger’s previous books, and this is one of the best.  I enjoyed reading it and learning about Greek life and culture. I recommend this as well as the others in the series.