a list“A-List” by D.P. Lyle features an odd assortment of characters who call the Gulf Coast home. Jake Longly is an ex-baseball player who runs Captain Rocky’s Surf and Turf, while his father Ray runs a P. I. firm, Longly Investigations. Jake and his friends travel to New Orleans at the request of a relative when an A-list actor, star of the “Space Quest” movies gets arrested for the murder of a local girl found strangled in his bed. This “celebrity status” means damage control and cover up right from the start. Lies, lies, and more lies are entangled so much that the truth is hard to find.

The book is primarily written as Jake’s first person narrative so the action is mostly dialogue driven. He also paints a laid-back, colorful picture of New Orleans “Soon we were out over Lake Pontchartrain, where the wind whipped the water into foam and some of the waves looked as if they might wash over the road.” Comic relief abounds as they try to move the investigation along. “What are you doing? Negotiating the Louisiana Purchase? And when all else fails, call upon the master of mystery “All I’m saying is that this might be an Agatha Christie locked room case. There might be someone else involved.”

“A-List” was not a nail-biting thriller, but was a quick, fun book to read, considering there was a murder after all. The characters are light-hearted and funny, and no one takes things too seriously. I received a copy of “A-List” from Oceanview Publishing, D. P. Lyle, and NetGalley to review. It was an entertaining book, and I enjoyed reading it.