poison“Poison” by Gait Niederhoffer is a modern thriller with an unusual difference. The typical twists and turns are replaced with issues that are truly frightening and potentially deadly. The Connor family seems perfect in every way, happy wife, perfect husband, beautiful children.  Readers follow them through their wonderful life in a new city, with a new home, and a new baby, but all is not right in the Conner household. . What can be wrong? Well, everything or nothing, and how do we tell?

Niederhoffer intertwines the idyllic life of the Conner family as they go about their happy lives with the terrifying story of Cass who is sure she is being poisoned. Either life for Cass is becoming terrifying and dangerous every day, or she is slipping into deep mental illness. Cass reaches out to professionals for help, but they merely accuse her, the victim, with inventing the allegations.  She suffers shame and blame while readers attempt to separate the frightening truth from the delusions.

I received a copy of “Poison” from Gait Niederhoffer, St. Martin’s Pres, and NetGalley. It was a compelling story filled with deception, fear, manipulation and outright lies. Once you start this book, you will not know whom to trust until the end.