“It’s All in the Story”

all in the story“It’s All in the Story” is a special collection of twenty-four  short stories written by members of The Southern California Writers Association and edited by D. P. Lyle.

The exploits are pure California, the good, the bad, and the incredibly frightening. The book includes stories set from 1812 to current day and highlight California’s geography, lifestyle, and history. The characters are diverse, and their sagas will inspire, cheer, astonish, frighten, and amaze.

Readers can finish one of these  entertaining, exciting, sunny, scary, and dark stories all in one sitting , making it perfect for plane trips, car rides, or while waiting for appointments. I always have a couple of anthologies ready to pick up when I leave the house. With this one, I have already read a couple of the selections more than once because they were just so off-the-wall interesting.