“Memoirs of a Public Servant”

memoirs“Memoirs of a Public Servant” by Charleston Hartfield contains the personal observations, reflections, and commentaries of a police officer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is a journal of specific events and has the casual conversational style of old friends sharing laughs, jokes, frustrations, sadness, and tragedy. He discusses delicate, tragic, and senseless events with compassion, understanding, and sympathy, all the while never forgetting his responsibility to duty and the law.

It is an easy book to read, but a difficult book to forget. Hartfield certainly gives readers things to contemplate. “It may not be a popular profession, but it certainly is one that is needed.” He does not sugarcoat the work he does, but does not degrade those with whom he comes into contact. His love of live and his job pour forth in every line.

He mentions that he never thought that when he started writing in journals “Who knew that I would be holding a printed copy of my thoughts? “ His writing was almost predictive, “It’s a hard job that rarely ends in a happy retirement.”

Hartfield’s end came on October 1, 2017 when he was murdered while off duty attending the “Route 91” concert in Las Vegas.