“The Usual Santas”

santas“The Usual Santas” is a short-story collection featuring some of the best authors from Soho Press. It is the ultimate anthology for every reader of mysteries during the “holiday season.” When we are all looking for something quick to read, this book will help take our minds off the chaos surrounding what should be a happy, family celebration. While these stories might not evoke happy memories of candy canes and chocolate, they certainly will take your mind off trying to find a parking spot at the mall.

“The Usual Santas” is a collection of the Christmas naughty and nice, the good and not so good, and the definitely creepy. The stories are unconventional, quick to read and, and all have a Christmas-time theme.  This format allows a reader to finish a compelling story all in one sitting. It is perfect for plane trips or car rides, and makes good reading while waiting for appointments or when taking others (CHILDREN) to practice, or lessons, or games, or meetings, or afterschool events – the list goes on!

I received an advance copy of “The Usual Santas” from Soho Press, and NetGalley to read and review, and I was able to finish the stories on my time schedule without interrupting my other plans or forgetting where I was in the book. The stories are all different, some longer and some shorter, but there is something for every reader, and all are fascinating.  I can read these Christmas stories every year and love them each time.