“The Cuban Affair”

cuba“The Cuban Affair” by Nelson DeMille is a humorous treasure hunt, really a “Pirates of the Caribbean” ques, set in Cuba. The funny and at the same time frightening story is told as a first-person narrative by Mac. We get to know him quite well because he holds nothing back as he tells his tale as if we were sitting in his favorite Key West bar sharing a drink. He is funny, sarcastic, and entertaining as he spins the tale of spies on every corner (it is Cuba after all), and danger at every turn.

As in every pirate adventure there is a boat trip on the Caribbean, (well, just to Cuba), hidden treasure worth millions of dollars, a secretly disguised treasure map, and a beautiful girl. Modern Cuba has many spies but no internet or cell service, so the hunt for the treasure does not go well.

The story starts slowly on the boat in Key West, and moves to Cuba where the suspense picks up as we see a side of Cuba not observed by officially sanctioned educational tour groups. And finally, we move onto the” high seas” with the intense encounter of every pirate adventure.

DeMille combines comedy and danger in this adventure and utilizes Mac’s narrative to keep readers guessing throughout the adventure. We laugh with him and fear that the story might end up with him telling his story from a Cuban jail. It is a fantastic adventure.