“Seven Suspects”

seven“Seven Suspects” by Renee James is the third in the “Bobbi Logan” series.  Since I had not read the previous books, I had to spend time sorting out all the players and the backstories, however the author provided background explanations within the context of the storyline to help fill in information from the previous books. Ideally, a reader should start with the prior books before reading this one.

I begin with a caution; this book deals with a difficult social issue and contains graphic violence and sex. The underlying circumstances of the book will not please every reader, but this is all too real in the world in which we live.  If as a reader, you can balance the good against the bad and accept that someone else’s reality is not your own, you will enjoy this book.

Bobbie Logan, a Chicago business owner, a renowned hairdresser, and a transgender woman with a traumatic past, tells this story as a first person narrative. The dialogue takes some getting used to, but Bobbie is unique and credible. We get to know her sense of self, her fears, and her sense of humor.

Bobbie worries that an enemy from her past is stalking her.  The first person narrative focuses the plot as the threats become more blatant and more powerful. Bobbie focuses her investigations on six suspects.  However, who is really after her? Is there a yet unknown seventh suspect?  The suspense builds. The end is chilling, dramatic, and unexpected.

I received a copy of “Seven Suspects” from Renee James, Oceanview Publishing, and NetGalley. I recommend this book with the previously mentioned cautions, thus only three stars. It is not a book for every reader. The content is dark, and it contains graphic violence and sexual content. However, that should not deter people from reading it. Readers who approach “Seven Suspects” with an open mind will see the world through the eyes of a strong yet unconventional character who is no longer a victim