“Murder of Crows”

murder of crows“Murder of Crows” by Terrence McCauley is the continuation of the events in “Sympathy for the Devil” although the book stands alone for readers who did not read the previous book. (But if you read this one, you will want to go back and read the other.)This is an action-packed page-turner. It is not for the “faint of heart,” but for those who want a “24 like” thriller, filled with suspense, drama, it is the perfect match. This book gives more background on the black-ops crime-fighters of “The University” who go about saving the world from evil. They have enormous resources with which to spy on everyone and everything including foreign and domestic government agencies as well as the target terrorist organizations. In fact, they are probably monitoring me right now as I write this review.

The main character, James Hicks, is more developed in this novel, and continues to “grow” as he tries to recover from the events of the previous book, moves to eliminate the current threat, and takes on more responsibility in The University. The action is nonstop with twists and turns on every page, and the plot moves quickly with almost no “down time.”

The story details are so believable, detailed, and complete that once finished reading, one might feel compelled to look around at everyone and everything as if The University were watching. AND perhaps they are.

The only questions left to answer are, first “Is that little personal detail (in the end) about Hicks true?” and “When will the next book be out to answer the question?” I can’t wait.