Lost Luggage

lost luggage“Lost Luggage.” By Wendall Thomas is a first person narrative by Cyd Redondo, Redondo Travel, Brooklyn, New York, makes this a fun book to read. She describes herself as:

“the first line of defense.

It’s my job to anticipate and prevent any and all travel disasters for my clients.”

We see the wide world of travel through her eyes, and we want her to be our traveling companion everywhere we go. She fills her carry-on bags with all the necessities from malaria pills and Tupperware to a compass and a cocktail dress. She barters her way through everything with travel upgrades, free dinner vouchers, and hotel reward points.

The story’s pace picks up ominously when Cyd and company head to Africa. Entanglements plague her and her senior-citizen travel customers. We share her anxiety and her concern while wondering if she isn’t putting her trust in the wrong people. Why is all that luggage getting lost anyway? Anything and everything that could happen on a sightseeing trip to Africa does happen, and we keep turning the pages to see if she will have enough frequent flyer miles to buy her way out.

“Lost Luggage” will make you wince, cringe, and question Cyd’s sanity. You will feel the tension in the African air, but you will be laughing too much to get a stress headache from the drama.

I received a copy of “Lost Luggage” from Poisoned Pen Press, Wendall Thomas, and NetGalley in exchange for my review. This is an entertaining book to read, despite the murder, law breaking, untrustworthy people, and senior citizens thrown in jail. Be careful, you might just laugh out loud as you read, and you will never travel without Tupperware again.