“Don’t Wake Up”

dont wake up“Don’t Wake Up” by Liz Lawler is a medical-based thriller. The preview summary of the book grabbed me at once. A doctor wakes up and finds she is a patient in her own hospital ….. or is she? “Gut-wrenching fear ripped, and her breathing turned ragged as the fought the panic. How seriously was she injured? Was she dying? Was that why no one was around her?” What follows is a frantic search for her assailant despite no one, not friends, colleagues, her fiancé, or police believing that she was really attacked.

As she struggles to put everything back together, she wonders how her life came to this. Her normal life has been stolen and replaced with something that can never resemble normality again. She becomes the prime suspect in a number of hospital errors and unusual deaths as the body count begins to rise and everything crumbles around her.

The main character, Alex Taylor, is well developed, but the supporting characters are deliberately ambiguous. Plot elements are entangled as the past rears its cruel head and interpersonal relationships muddy the water.  People are not who they seem to be, but perhaps that is who they were all along. Alex’s supporters and accusers change sides a minute by minute.  Things come together in an unexpected and twisted scenario that will surprise and shock.

Bonnier Zaffre, Liz Lawyer, and NetGalley gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my sincere and unbiased review. I loved the book, but this is not a book about ordinary people dealing with ordinary life; this is WAY different. It is an intense psychological thriller, and if you like strange characters, unstable associations, and abnormal revenge, you will love this book.