“A Conspiracy of Ravens”

“A Conspiracy of Ravens” by Terrance McCauley is part of the James Hicks University series. It follows the set-up of the previous books, but it is not necessary to have read the other books to be totally captured by this one.

James Hicks fights terrorism through “The University” a stealthy intelligence organization, but now he faces an even more formidable enemy, “The Vanguard.” The book’s pace is intense and non-stop.  The action is compelling, and the people are believable. Everything holds up throughout the whole book – personalities, action, complications, and intrigue. No one can ever say that it is a dull book.

James Hicks evolves as more than the “robotic” counter-intelligence persona he was in the previous books. He shows vulnerability at times and certainly displays more personality. He is not overshadowed by other characters but instead enhances both them and the action.

“The University” storylines are intriguing, and reflect a life today full of” spying eyes. A walk through anywhere in Manhattan reveals “hidden” surveillance cameras on the homes, offices, and stores. They are very small, inconspicuous, and pointed  across or down the street, not unlike the “University.”

“A Conspiracy of Ravens” is a thriller that will keep readers turning the pages to see what happens next, but watch out; McCauley throws in details that will trick even attentive readers.