“Magician’s Impossible”

magicialn impossibleAuthor Brad Abraham describes “Magician’s Impossible” as “Harry potter meets James Bond,” and I found that to be true. It starts with an intriguing magic card trick and continues from there.

Jason Bishop has his life interrupted when his father commits suicide. The circumstances become more unusual when he discovers that his father was a secret agent for a super-spy group, The Invisible Hand, which has been employing magic for centuries in an ongoing war with The Golden Dawn. Even more startling, both his mother and father met their untimely demises as the result of this relationship. Now “they” are coming for him. He is plunged into an unfamiliar world-between-worlds, and encounters both enemies and allies. The problem he does not really know who fits into which category.

It is an engaging fantasy with many twists.  Just when readers start to settle into the story, the “smoke and mirrors” aspect turns things around. The clues are there, but many are “missed” the first time.

I heard Brad Abraham discuss “Magician’s Impossible” at The Book Carnival in Orange, and it was fascinating to hear the backstory about writing the book. There might even be a movie version sometime in the future. We can all hope. In the meantime, we will enjoy the book.

I received a copy of “Magician’s Impossible” from Brad Abraham, St. Martin’s Press,  and Net Galley. I am not a big reader of magic mystery genre, so I had a mixed experience with this book. I am not sure exactly how to rate it, but I enjoyed reading it, and I think readers of magic mystery will love it. There was a lot of background and introduction to characters that leads me to think that there will be more magic to come.