“Blood Truth”

blood truth “Blood Truth” by Matt Coyle is part of the Rick Cahill series, but it is not necessary to have read the previous books to absolutely love this one.  Any background information a new reader might need is included as part of the narrative without spending pages and pages unnecessarily rehashing the previous books.

Rick Cahill is a former police officer, turned PI who is haunted by his past.  Coyle takes us inside Cahill’s head as he tries to do penance for everyone’s misdeeds and bad decisions, including his own. He attempts to correct those previous mistakes, and that just is not always possible.

The upside is that we readers get to follow him around beautiful La Jolla California.

“The sun danced off the ocean far below, and a gentle breeze slowly pushed scattered clouds around the blue sky. Idyllic. Paradise. “

Unfortunately, this poetic paradise is just out of Rick’s reach. Bad childhood memories come screaming into the present when the owner of Rick’s childhood home finds a long-forgotten wall safe owned by his dad. The contents compel him to resolve his father’s involvement in a long-ago homicide cold case. To further complicate his life, his former girlfriend hires him to investigate her cheating spouse.” Just a typical day for a PI.”

This “typical” day leads Rick into a web of conspiracy, double dealing, and treachery that encompasses everyone from the local police to the Russian mob and the California Coastal Commission. The action bounces back and forth between the “cheating spouse” case and the cold case murder as Rick searches to find answers and to resolve his feelings about himself and about everyone else.

Rumors, accusations, and lies swirl around like papers in the wind as Rick struggles to solve “murder, the one crime with no expiration date.” How far will he go to reconcile past with the present? Will he make a pact with the devil? The good and the bad are hiding in plain sight and Rick cannot tell them apart. Who made just one bad decision and who has always had a hidden dark soul? In the end, the puzzle pieces finally fall into place, and in a most unexpected and upsetting way.

I was able to read “Blood Truth” in advance thanks to Oceanview Publishing, Matt Coyle, and NetGalley. This great book will have every reader speculating about what comes next, and sympathizing with Rick as he flounders through his own life and the lives and deaths of others. Plan your reading time wisely, because this book will take over your schedule.