Emma in the Night

emma in the night“Emma in the Night” by Wendy Walker is a suspenseful thriller about two sisters, Emma and Cassandra who just disappear one day. No one knows where they have gone or why, not even the FBI. Three years later, Cass just shows up at her mother’s house, unannounced and by herself, no Emma. Where has she been and what happened to Emma? The details slowly emerge, and the truth is revealed.

The book is written from two main points of view, that of Cass, and that of Dr. Abigail Winter, the FBI forensic psychiatrist who investigated the disappearance of the two girls and is back to continue the investigation. The action is dialogue driven, and individual chapters are identified by character to help readers keep track of the viewpoint.

The main characters are well developed, and the alternating chapters enable them to each express their own voice and viewpoint. Supporting characters, seen through the perspectives of Cass and Dr. Winter, are dysfunctional, controlling, and narcissistic; none is likeable.

I Received a copy of “Emma in the Night” from St Martin’s Press, Wendy Walker, and NetGalley. It is a disturbing, twisted, and yet captivating thriller that will keep readers guessing all the way through.   I enjoyed reading it and was satisfied with the ending.