“Hoodoo Harry”

hoodoo Harry“Hoodoo Harry” is the latest in Joe R. Lansdale’s entertaining stories that feature Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, two friends from “rural” Texas. If you are new to this series, be advised that Hap and Leonard are, as always, rude, crude, and very funny, although this is one of the more “tame” accounts.  The story is dialogue driven, but it is more “event” focused than many, so Hap and Leonard are less politically incorrect. They are still “down home” and funny, though. ”We terrorized the poor fish and threw them back at the end of the day, which for the fish, if you considered the alternative, wasn’t so bad.”

Hap and Leonard have their own private detective agency out of LaBorde, Texas. They are involved in a curious accident; a bookmobile hits them. They are fine, but the bookmobile driver, a young boy, is killed in the accident. Shockingly, the bookmobile had vanished fifteen years before. Things get stranger still when the bodies of multiple children and one adult are found inside the wrecked hull of the bookmobile. (It is Hap and Leonard, after all. What else could one expect?) They want to find out what happened all those years ago, however, their reputation is well known.

“You don’t know our lives,” Leonard said. “We could be smart.” Stump made a grunting sound. “I got a pretty good idea about your lives, and I’m thinking it isn’t pretty.”

Everything said and done, the story takes the reader right into downhome Texas. It is a quick, fun book to read, but watch out, you might just laugh right aloud while you are reading about murder and other assorted unsavory things.  NetGalley gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is not my first Hap and Leonard book, and I both laughed, and cringed all the way through.