“Dressed to Confess”

dressedd to confess“Dressed to Confess” is the latest installment in Diane Vallere’s Costume Shop Mysteries series. It is NOT necessary to have read the other books before enjoying this one. There are quick summaries of events from previous books embedded when needed to advance the plot, but pages and pages are not wasted summarizing what happened previously. However, if you have not read the previous books, after you read this one you may want to go back and catch the others in the series.

Proper City, Nevada lies about forty miles from the glamour and excitement of “Sin City.” Many of Proper City’s residents moved there to avoid the high taxes of California or the frantic pace of near-by Las Vegas.

However, all is not proper in Proper City, Nevada.

Proper City has the usual mix of residents. That assortment  includes corrupt politicians, busy bodies, people out to make a buck, old lovers carrying a grudge, new friends looking to become lovers, double crossed thieves waiting for revenge, and seemingly ordinary people with hidden pasts. There are secrets, secrets, and more secrets, and gossip, gossip, and more gossip. Proper City is a small town with big mysteries.

Margo Tamblyn, owner of Disguise DeLimit costume shop and party planner Ebony Welles are getting ready for Proper’s annual Sagebrush Festival. The theme this year is games but the “games” turn out to be more like classic “Clue” than anyone could have imagined. Festival-goers are arriving, booths are in place, reporters from neighboring cities have arrived, and entertainers are rehearsing, when the unthinkable happens – one of the performers is found murdered.

If murder, betrayal, and danger could be fun, Proper City would be the place to find it. Mix in conspiracy theorists, teddy bears, stolen gold, and people dressed in costumes, and you have Proper City. Of course, the book is full of suspense and crime, but it is also incredibly funny.“ Dressed to Confess, “is an enjoyable, relaxing mystery despite the obvious crime and murder theme. It is quick to read, and the characters are likable. Most of all it is funny and enjoyable. It will not give you a stress headache from tension, blood, or mayhem.

I received a copy of “Dressed to Confess” from Diane Vallere, Berkley Prime Crime, and NetGalley in exchange for my review. This is an entertaining book to read, but be careful; you might just laugh right out loud as you read and find  yourself looking into the back of closets for pieces of clothing that can be thrown together for a costume.