Welcome guest reviewer, Ethan

513ZOQ2VDnL._AC_US218_Guest book reviewer and blogger, Ethan, age nine, reviews “I Survived, the Nazi Invasion, 1944” by Lauren Tarshis

This is a great book for young readers. With Max, and his little sister, Zena , their every move could lead to  trouble. They reunite with their aunt just as the Nazi’s  take over almost all of Poland! They need to survive for the rest of the war. As the war nears an end , Max and Zena get surprised when their aunt and the leader of their aunt’s small little group bring back their dad. He has escaped from a train. As the story goes on, they live for the entire war. In the end, Max, Zena, and their dad sail to America. Their aunt stays in Poland to rebuild the city, as Max, Zena, and their dad start their new life, in America.