“Miraculous Mysteries”

mysteries“Miraculous Mysteries” is a must-have anthology for every mystery reader. It is a collection of hard to find, quick yet fantastic reads by top classic mystery writers, for example, Arthur Conan Doyle, Marten Cumberland, Edmund Crispin, and Dorothy Sayers. It has something for every reader. I took this collection on my recent vacation and loved every story, even the ones I had read previously. A collection such as this allows a fan of mystery books to read and finish a compelling story all in one sitting. It is perfect for plane trips, car rides, or while waiting for appointments or when taking others (CHILDREN) to practice, or lessons, or games, or meetings, or after-school events – the list goes on!

I received an advance copy of this collection to review, and it made my recent vacation trip both mysterious and enjoyable without interrupting my other plans. I could read these classic mysteries again and again and love them each time.