“Cement Stilettos” by Diane Vallere

cement stilettos

“Cement Stilettos” is the seventh in Diane Vallere’s Samantha Kidd’s Material Witness Mystery series, but it is not necessary to have read the other books to enjoy this one. Any background information needed about the diverse cast of characters is seamlessly included without page after page of dreary and repetitive details. This makes the characters genuine and charming, and one might expect to run into them in a local store.

Samantha Kidd is trying to reinvent herself as Samantha “2.0,”focusing on her future with new fiancé Nick Taylor and concentrating on her job when the murder of Nick’s showroom manager gets in the way. “People shouldn’t be capable of murder in a lime green room filled with modern furniture and designer shoes.” Her resolve to be socially responsible and professionally competent quickly goes down the drain, and she is pulled along a path of vandalism, financial ruin, mob connections, and personal insecurity. And really, what else would one expect?

Is she about to lose job security, paid vacation, insurance, and family life, not to mention forty pairs of shoes that Nick gave her for Christmas? When all else fails, the “mob wives” come to the rescue.

Even Katie Caprero makes an appearance in a green fur coat, green leather blazer, and leopard printed skirt.

“Cement Stilettos” it is a fun, easy book to read with mystery and murder without the blood and gore. It’s all smoke and mirrors; leopard prints and Bob Mackie; pizza and pretzels. I’m sure Kidd’s next chaotic adventure is just around the corner and will come with nice clothes to go with her tons of new shoes.