“The Silent Corner” by Dean Koontz

the silent corner“The Silent Corner” is the latest by Dean Koontz. In it, we meet Jane Hawk, an FBI agent haunted by the suicide of her husband. We accompany Jane on a roller-coaster trip as she seeks to find answers, fleeing the past, and yet hoping to redeem it, all the time falling into a future darker than she can imagine.  The action is non-stop as she skirts the law and uncovers the unthinkable.

The strength of this book is Koontz’s incredible use of language. The reader is immersed in every scene, every event, every problem, and every character all along her journey. Example after example leap from every page. (I cannot help but include a few snippets, somewhat abbreviated and out of context, and yet so characteristic of the rich, vivid, text in the book.) The reader walks along the shore with Jane, surveying the lake, placid and disarranged because the rumpled-laundry clouds are reflected in the serene mirrored surface,  shivers in the rain as it sheets through the street as if paving the blacktop with ice, or watches the sky over L. A. with its iridescent blues and greens.

Readers follow Jane as she searches for answers. She encounters technology as it collides with the dark web and people with power. She is not afraid for herself but for her son and the future, darker than dark. She does not doubt what she had done or what she must do; she struggles to understand how she has the capability to do it.

I was privileged to receive an advanced copy of this book to review from Random House Publishing Group, and I highly, highly recommend it. This is one of Koontz’s best. One caution, however, when you start this book, be sure you set aside time to finish, because you will not be able to put it down. The action, the incredible descriptions, and the complex characters, (the good, the bad, and the incredibly evil) will suck you in right from the start. And, when you are done, you will want to rent the movie “The Manchurian Candidate.”

I cannot wait to follow Jane in the next installment of her journey.