MatchUp_new-678x1024“Matchup” is a must-have anthology for every mystery reader. It is a collection of eleven unexpected short stories by twenty–two top mystery writers. In this collection, each female author was paired with a male writer, and each diverse pair collaborated on one story. These partnerships produced some outstanding tales with complexity and surprise. I previously read “Faceoff” and thought nothing could beat that anthology, but this one certainly comes close, perhaps even outdoing that book.  These partnerships will probably never write together again, making the collection even more intriguing.

A collection such as this allows a fan of mystery books to read and finish a compelling story all in one sitting. It is perfect for plane trips, car rides, appointments, or while waiting for car repairs. (You know where I have been this week.) I always have a couple of anthologies ready to pick up when I leave the house. With this one, I have already read a couple of the selections more than once because they were just so off-the-wall interesting.

I received an advance copy of this collection from Simon and Schuster to review, and it makes great reading when waiting for others (CHILDREN) to finish practice, or lessons, or games, or meetings, or afterschool events – and the list goes on! I can read these mystery “matchups” again and again and love them each time.