“Dead Simple”

Dead Simple

Peter James started it all with  “Dead Simple,” the first in the Roy Grace series.

The beginning of “Dead Simple” with its unbelievable creepiness, a practical joke involving a coffin and a car accident, sets the tone for the whole book.  It is a roller coaster ride from then on. The story never lets up with distractions, twists, and surprises at every turn.

Superintendent Roy Grace, making his first appearance, is charged with finding a man who disappeared just three days before he was to be married. Grace is intriguing, engaging, and a very good detective.

Multiple points of view give a different view to the whole investigation and help bring out all the unsavory details of the story and its participants. The characters are complex, and even the “minor” players are well defined.

This was the perfect introduction for Roy Grace and the, now thirteen, novels that follow are just as good. I’m picking up my copy of “Need You Dead” the newest version.