“Pearls Gone Wild”

Pearls“Pearls Gone Wild” is the latest in Diane Vallere’s Samantha Kidd series. This is the best book yet, and those who haven’t read the previous books can jump right in without any problem. If you want a more detailed plot summary, you can read other reviews, but it is a fun, easy-to-read book with mystery and murder without too much blood and gore.

This is not a formula book with continuing characters dropped into a random plot line. The main character, Samantha, has grown and matured, as continuing characters should. She has depth and detail. She has finally gotten a job with insurance, benefits, and surprise – she still has that job at the end of the book. Her relationships with other characters are more developed. While she is still obsessed with clothes and shoes, (who knew camo pants came in so many colors) her personality and nature are more serious. As things around her deteriorate into chaos, she shows real critical thinking skills. She also takes charge of her previously dramatic personal life and moves forward in a responsible way.

Sam has finally matured and growing up fits her nicely. Hopefully her next, more focused, less chaotic adventure is just around the corner and will come with nice clothes to go with her tons of new shoes.