“Dark Fissures” by Matt Coyle

Dark fissures“Dark Fissures” is part of Matt Coyle’s Rick Cahill series. While it is not necessary to have read the previous two books in this series, it would be beneficial because prior events and people are an integral part of this novel. The author does provide information about previous events and relationships when needed throughout the book. This helps new readers fill in relevant background, but it really takes the whole book to fit the previous events into the context of the current story.

Rick Cahill, former police officer and current persona non grata is in debt. He takes on a “client” to get money or his mortgage payment, and his situation continues to go downhill from there. The action is fast-paced with the beach, cars, guns, and bad people at every turn. The characters are believable but distinctive, and the supporting cast is well developed.  The problem for Rick Cahill is that there is no clear delineation between the good guys and the bad guys, and his friends and enemies constantly jump back and forth between the two extremes.

When it comes right down to it, every action in the past has consequences in the present that must be settled or controlled. Sometimes the result is good, and sometimes not so good.

Thank you Matt Coyle for a great book; I met the author at The Book Carnival in Orange, CA and he won me over as I listened to him talk about his books. I have read other books in the series, and I admit that once I find a series or author that I like, I read everything from that author and eagerly anticipate the next in the series. This book was no exception; Rick’s story is not finished by a long shot.